NEW TO 2023
Never judge a book by its cover…unless the cover is really good.

NEW TO 2023
What ever happened to “hello?” The opening sentences hooked me.

Bookstores I’ve visited since starting this reading journey.

Sometimes, you just have to outsource your book recs.

A tentative to-be-read list, comprised primarily of books I see in passing that have piqued my interest in some way. Whether it’s because of the cover art, who’s currently reading/recommending it, general subject matter, a list it’s featured on, appearances on social media, etc., these are books I want to eventually circle back to, look up & find out more about them.

A brief progress report.

A list of books I’ve bought so far in 2022.

Words I’ve come across in all of my reading that are new to me.

Quotes/passages/poems/prose/sentences that have jumped off the page for whatever reason – whether it’s relatable, humorous, antagonizing, or yet-to-be-defined. 

The 2022 theme for the Summer Reading Program is “Read Outside.”

Have a book recommendation? Want to send words of encouragement? Know of a cool bookstore(s) I should check out? Just want to say hello?

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