June 2022 – RECAP

So, apparently I didn’t pick up a single book in May?
For anyone wondering: yes, I did have a Book of the Month – Darling Girl by Liz Michalski.

Anyway, I’m back*. I’m here. I’m queer.

*lightly – I’m in a reading slump hangover.

Category is (obviously): Gay Reads.

Happy Pride to those who celebrate [and/or tolerate]!
(acknowledgment is enough)
this blog post was written while “We Exist” by Arcade Fire plays in the background

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April 2022 – RECAP

I’m tired.

After last month, I decided to take it easy and just do some light reading this month – not light, necessarily, in terms of subject matter; but, light in the sense of just…not physically dense. Some of those oldies last month were too thicc for a breezy spring read.

So, what’s the opposite of a dense novel? Honestly – probably picture books. But, for the sake & facade of faux literary elitism we’re going to say poetry.

And it’s ever so convenient that April happens to be National Poetry Month.

Oh, also, side-category is: cruising. (Not like big boats – but like gay bathroom stuff).

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March 2022 – RECAP

Back in October 2021, Bleachers announced a one-time-only, two-night concert that would take place in Boston towards the end of March 2022.

Bleachers is my favorite band, so I couldn’t not go – this would be my 9th & 10th times seeing them, with an 11th already scheduled for June.

I extended the trip itinerary beyond the two nights of the concerts into a week-long getaway. A couple of my friends (formerly known as the Big Brisket Boiz) flew in to meet me there while I opted to drive the 38-hour round trip, as my personal agenda included bookish spots in & around Boston.

In preparation for the trip, category this month is: New England Literary Tour.

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Don’t Judge a Chipotle By Its Cover

When I think of the Freedom Trail, I think of a few things: Paul Revere, Bunker Hill, “one if by land, two if by sea,” the grave of Sam Adams, and the Boston Massacre.

I must have been in the restroom when our middle school history class covered the lesson on Paul Revere stopping for a plant-based chorizo bowl with double veggies and extra guac after his midnight ride, having worked himself up an appetite while letting everyone know the British were coming.

A couple of friends and I just walked the 2.5-mile-long path in Boston, which passes by 16 locations & landmarks significant to American history.

One of which is a Chipotle.

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February 2022 – RECAP

This month, I came across an author who intrigued me, so I decided to commit hard to his backlist. Unfortunately, I’m not really feeling like we have a connection.

Commitment and connections play out in varied journeys. Relationships are like snowflakes: no two are the same.

Between Valentine’s Day, hard commitments, and lack of connections this month, CATEGORY IS: Unconventional Romance Novels.

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Tatted in Tulsa: A Lesson Inside “The Outsiders” House

My best friend vs. Ponyboy’s best friend

I’m not much of a ‘group’ guy.

As the gay son of an immigrant growing up in the suburban midwest, I never actively sought to include myself because I felt like I didn’t belong. I’ve never been part of that ‘group of guys’ often seen in films or read about in books.

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